Rye flour

Rye - sister of wheat, but much more useful to her. Rye flour baking quality available in three varieties: seeded, peeled, wallpaper. Varieties differ in the degree of grinding and content of bran. Rye contains more essential amino acids (in comparison wheat), which is very important for a person, especially for patients with diabetes. In rye flour 5 times more than wheat, contains fructose, necessary for normal life the body. Products made ??from rye flour are composed of a sufficient amount of cellulose and hemicellulose, that play a role in human nutrition - contribute to the growth of beneficial microflora and strengthen the immune system.

100 g of product contains: protein - 8,9 g, fats - 1,8 g, carbohydrates - 63.4 g. Energy value - 305 kcal.

100 g of product contains: protein - 6,9 g, fats - 1,4 g, ugdevodov - 68.3 g. Energy value - 313 kcal.

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