History of development

In 1924 the organization was established Kalinkovichi "Zagotzerno", which was placed three doschatyh warehouses. In the prewar years, the number of buildings increased slightly, but significantly increased enterprise.

In 1944, after clearing the area from Nazi occupation in the city again has been restored "Zagotzerno" and created "mailbox number 88" Belarusian territorial of management.

In December 1959 completed the construction of feed mill MUKZ-35.

Order of the Ministry of blanks BSSR 24.09.1960, the "Mailbox number 88" and "Kalinkovichi Grain-item ", which includes a feed mill MUKAZ-35 were merged and converted into "Kalinkovichi grain base number 96". During the next Combine years expanded due to reconstruction and stroitelsva new shops.

In 1964, construction began on the elevator capacity is currently is 64 thousand tons.

May 5, 1964 "Bread Kalinkovichi Base number 96," renamed "the bread products" and another six months January 28, 1965 in "Melkombinat number 9." In October 1967, at the company has entered into service quality grinding mill capacity 245 tons a day.

In 1968 he began working shop feed capacity of 200 tons per day.

In March 1972 the "Melkombinat" Ptichsky attached to an industrial site mixed fodder shop capacity of 120 tons per day.

In January 1975, "Melkombinat № 9" again renamed "Kalinkovichi Works Bread. "

In 1975 the mill was built new housing administrotivny with a dining room in the old building - second floor occupied laboratory.

In 1995 he opened shop bakery.

Today it is a major diversified enterprise, covering the production of flour, groats and animal feed. Has its own small clothing manufacturing. a workshop pig enterprise was "Domanovichi." In 2000, construction finished sausage the shop. In 2004, the company became JSC "Mozyrhleboprodukt." And at the end of 2005 - Ptichsky feed mill.

In 2007, the company entered a branch "Dudich," and in 2009 Branch "Gorochichi."

Every year at the combine the reconstruction of obsolete equipment are introduced new objects. Blshuyu role in this is the primary organization of scientific and technical society, experts and innovators of the enterprise.

In 1999, the privatization of state enterprises produced - "Kalinkovichi Combine bread "is transformed into Joint Stock Company "Kalinkovichihleboprodukt." This is a mobile, cohesive team.

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